“Fish Friendly” rice
In Basso Ferrarese, the harvest of "Fish Friendly" rice has begun.

The time has come to harvest “Fish Friendly” rice! During the third week of July, some rice paddies in the Lower Ferrarese region have seen the release of millions of young fish into their waters-more than 2,500 fry per hectare. This is an ancient technique, also used in the East, but had been abandoned in Italy and in recent years rediscovered. The release of small fish-in the Lower Ferrara region, these are carp and tench-helps develop the ideal ecosystem for rice fields. The fry, in fact, feed on insect larvae that are potentially harmful for the rice plant and with their droppings act as natural fertilizers. Their presence participates, therefore, in the development of the ideal environment for rice cultivation and the preservation of the biodiversity typical of rice fields.

Fry feeding is one of the most important steps in the production of arborio rice dedicated to the “Fish Friendly” selection and is part of the initiatives that concretize the collaboration between Filiera Agricola Italiana and LIDL: a partnership under the banner of environmental and social sustainability, which aims to offer consumers quality products while guaranteeing transparency, traceability and ethics. 

Launched last May, the “Fish Friendly” arborio rice is among the More than 40 items bearing the seal “FDAI – Signed By Italian Farmers” present, to date, in the continuous and promotional assortment offered by LIDL stores. The line is characterized by the use of quality, Italian and 100% traceable raw materials, for the high standards of transparency and ethics and the fair distribution of value that distinguishes the entire supply chain.

On the occasion of the launch of the “Fish Friendly” arborio rice, Alessia Bonifazi, communications & CSR manager of Lidl Italy, has
: “The collaboration with Filiera Agricola Italiana is extremely important to us because it allows us to concretize our commitment to making the assortment of our stores more responsible. The value asset we share with Filiera Agricola Italiana, based on respect for our country’s agricultural vocation and the distribution of value throughout the production chain, makes us particularly proud of this collaboration, which represents a virtuous model between farmers and distributors.”