Let’s discover the Giarratana Onion
We bring you Sicily: Giarratana onion


Allium Cepa

Ripening period:

Planting begins in late October, while transplanting takes place between February and March. The harvesting phase begins in early July and ends in late September.


The Giarratana onion, a unique and prized variety, grows in the fertile lands of eastern Sicily. With its round shape and mild, sweet flavor, it stands out from other onion varieties. It is grown using traditional techniques and is prized for its sweetness and crispness, perfect both raw and cooked. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate and the care of local producers, it represents a culinary excellence beloved for its unique taste and versatility in cooking.


Did you know that it is far larger than the other varieties? It can weigh as much as three and a half kilograms!

Sicilian recipe:

Giarratana onion au gratin in the oven

In art (architecture):

Bulb or onion dome: it is so called because it has a raised, splayed body and a pointed crowning. It is typical of the architecture of Central Europe and Russia.