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120 Years of Excellence: Pastificio Fabianelli between tradition and innovation

History: With over 160 years of history, Pastificio Fabianelli carries on a tradition of passion and craftsmanship in the production of high-quality pasta. Founded in 1860 in Castiglion Fiorentino, in the heart of the Valdichiana area of Arezzo, the company began its activities with artisanal pasta production using the best Italian durum wheat. To this day, Fabianelli still combines a love for traditional Italian cuisine with a skillful use of the highest quality raw materials, carefully selecting the best 100% Italian durum wheat semolina and pure water from the Apennines.

Production : Drying is done slowly at low temperatures, thus preserving the quality and taste of the dough. With over one hundred formats, from traditional to special, Fabianelli Pasta represents the essence and pride of Italian culture on tables around the world.

Keepers of Art: the Arte&Pasta pasta factory.

History: The Arte&Pasta company is masterfully run by the Ferraro family in the Pompeii area.  For nearly two decades, it has been distinguished for the production of bronze-drawn pasta. Crucial is the contribution of its expert pasta makers, custodians of valuable knowledge passed down from generation to generation.

Production : Every stage of processing is controlled and taken care of. Beginning with the selection of Italian wheat and processing into semolina, to the production of the pasta itself. The drawing process is followed by slow and controlled drying for 24-26 hours, ensuring superior quality and optimum consistency.

This dedication to handcrafted excellence ensures that each package produced is a true work of culinary art, characterized by a golden color and porous texture that underscore its superior quality.

The seal: The seal Signed By Italian Farmers guarantees the certain origin of wheat that is Italian made by farmers respecting the productive vocation of the land.